Connecting children at risk to places of safety.

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ZeroChild exists to unleash the potential of organizations like yours by connecting you to a diverse network of service providers. Together, we can do more.

ZeroChild’s 24/7 crisis line assists families, agencies and others in efficiently moving children to safe places that best meet their needs—and we are able to do it quickly. As you know, time is critical. A child who is living in an at-risk situation or suffering from trauma needs help from the right people as soon as possible. That’s why we need you.

Our network consists of a diverse, vetted group of service providers: residential care facilities, private foster care organizations, therapeutic foster care organizations, behavioral health service providers and trafficking restoration services.  

Each child has specific physical, emotional, social and educational needs—and each provider specializes in a different type of care. Our network connects these providers to ensure faster, more individualized placements that meet each child’s specific needs. 

More options. More solutions. More children in safe places.  

How does the ZeroChild Network operate? 

If we receive a referral that is best suited for your organization, we will call you.

 If you receive a call for a child that you cannot serve, share our crisis number.

 If you have a child in care who needs a different placement, call our crisis number.

 ZeroChild is increasing the visibility of vital resources across the United States to unleash the potential of the great organizations like yours. ZeroChild is here to say YES. Will you join us?  

Together, we can do more.

Ready to partner with us?

ZeroChild will respond with further information on joining our partner network. Please call 251.550.0348with questions regarding our network.

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